Craft the Perfect Elevator Pitch
for Better Personal Branding

Do people truly listen when you explain what you do?

Do you seize their attention?

Or, do you tend to babble? Telling them your entire life history? 

An elevator pitch, a brief summary of who you are and what you do, can really make your career and create new opportunities.

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Don't you deserve the best possible pitch?

Schedule your 45-minute elevator pitch session with me today and you’ll learn how to:

  • Tell your story so people are interested.
  • Hit the high points of your career without turning people off.
  • Be on people’s minds long after they meet you.
  • Make people eager to know more… and hire you.

In your session, you will be given:

  • A worksheet to complete ahead of time
  • A free PDF of my book, Thriving at 50+
  • Essential points to include in your elevator pitch
  • A recording of your session
  • 90-days of free access to me via email for all of your questions!

ABOUT Wendy Marx

A branding and reinvention coach. Wendy applies her knowledge and wisdom from her multiple careers and three masters degrees to offer a multidimensional approach to people needing a career reboot.

Her insights on marketing, rebranding and reinvention have appeared in The New York Times, Ad Age, Fast Company, Forbes, INC Magazine and Entrepreneur.

Founder and president of Thriving at 50+, a personal branding and reinvention coaching service for those 50+, Wendy is committed to making 2021 a Year of Renewal. She has launched a live show on LinkedIn called Renewal at 50+ to create a community dedicated to new-found power, resilience and renewal.