You're talented and accomplished.

How do you get other people to recognize that?

Continuing to build your career as you get older is hard. It takes determination and grit. Is that

I should know since I have had 3 careers since age 50 and reinvented myself at least 5X during
my career.

Are you ready to get the career you want?

  • You struggle with explaining what you do and why people should care
  • You have a lifetime of skills and experience but can’t seem to figure out how to position yourself.
  • You feel frustrated and held back. You’re not moving forward.
  • You’re eager for recognition for the thought leader you know you can be
  • You know social media could help. But don’t quite know what to do.

Wendy’s New Book Is Now Available

Thriving at 50+

The 7 Principles to Reinvent and Rebrand Yourself

I'm Wendy Marx

I’ve Been Where You Are

Starting a New Career at 50+ is no joke.

I’ve lived long enough to enjoy success in each of my five (yes, I said FIVE!) careers. But as life goes, nothing ever stays the same. Each new career change requires a fresh set of eyes to rebrand and reposition yourself, and to ultimately achieve success.

I’ve walked many miles in your Dr. Scholl’s, and I get the pressures and challenges you’re facing. That’s why I literally wrote the book to help you unlock the success that’s waiting for you, even at 50+!

If you’re feeling anxious about what’s in store for you, let me come alongside you, and guide you through your next career change. Finding your purpose, newfound joy, and success are all just a click away!

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Reinventing & Rebranding
Starts Here

Group Coaching

Learning within Community Find support, accountability,and inspiration among your peers. Let’s discover a Personal Reinvention and Rebranding Plan designed specifically for you!
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Personalized for You This customizable program is designed to offer you the most personalized attention and assistance you need in your own career reinvention plan.
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How to Reinvent Yourself in a Crisis COVID, has changed our world, and the way we work.This video course will give you all the tools and practical wisdom you need to overcome those obstacles in your next career reinvention.
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How to Become the Head Marketer for YOUR Brand

My 7 Principles to Show You How to Thrive at 50+

words from happy clients

“​I had been stuck transitioning into my next career phase. I wasn't focused and had been struggling with how to position myself. ​Wendy helped me gain clarity on what I want to do,how to talk about it and propelled me forward. I now have more direction and purpose.​ I whole heartedly recommend her.”
​Randye S. Spina
“I've been working on my reinvention for the past few years. ​My "rebranding" was taking time,especially since I was mostly doing it on my own. And then I found Wendy.​ During our work together, Wendy asked insightful questions and honed in on the few areas that were in need of the most attention. She helped me see my coaching niche through a different lens,enabling a real shift in my perspective. With these new insights, I'm able to move forward.Thank you Wendy!”
​Suzanne Frank
"I had been struggling with the best way to reposition my business. ​Wendy helped me gain clarity on what I want to do, how to talk about it and propelled me forward.​ I am now ready to work on my website relaunch. I wholeheartedly recommend her."
​Andrea Weinreb​, Media Strategist/Planner
“I’ve been thinking about Board participation and wanted to learn how to best position myself.Wendy helped me gain clarity on what I want to do, how to talk about it and how to move forward. ​I now have more direction and purpose. ​I wholeheartedly recommend Wendy.”
Deborah Pearson

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