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Meet Wendy Marx

Best-selling author and speaker, Wendy Marx is a personal branding guru and marketing career coach for experienced professionals who want more career success. Her book, “Thriving at 50+” draws on over 30 years experience, and her own career reinvention (times 5!). During the course of her career, she’s helped hundreds of people go from anonymity to influential thought leaders in their industries.

Wendy understands the struggles, uncertainty and the real-life pressures of how unexpected life changes can force you to reevaluate your skills, areas of interest, and passions, and turn them into exciting new career adventures.

She brings a multidimensional approach to her coaching clients as she draws on her journalism, marketing, social work, and PR background to help her clients rebrand themselves for their second (third, fourth, or even fifth!) acts. Wendy also has three master’s degrees in social work (MSW), journalism (MS), and business (MBA in marketing). She uses her wide array of expertise to help her clients in their reinvention and rebranding efforts.

While the culture may dismiss professionals in their 50’s and older as being behind the curve, Wendy sees things differently. “At age 50+, we’re just coming into our own. Now’s the best time of your life to take all your experience, skills, and wisdom and turn them into a new career that will add fulfillment, joy, and meaning into your life like never before.”

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The 7 Principles to Reinvent and Rebrand Yourself

At age 50+, more and more people are faced with challenges of supporting their families, saving enough for retirement, and adapting to an ever-changing marketplace. A personal rebranding and career reinvention has become more important than ever, yet many later-in-life professionals don’t know how to do it. Thriving at 50+ provides a framework for rebranding and reinvention that will revitalize you for your next act…whether a new career, new job, or a new way of life.