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Wendy Marx
Who’s the most important person in your business life?
Your clients and prospects, full stop.
Unfortunately, many small business owners forget this when it comes to marketing. They’re so focused on selling their products’ bells and whistles they ignore the real issues their prospects are struggling with.
Your product or service may be the best, but if it doesn’t meet your potential customers’ needs, it won’t sell.

No one cares about your super duper features unless they make a difference in their lives. 

By focusing on your prospects, you’re extending a virtual hand. You’re meeting them where they are, not where you’d like them to be.

It then becomes easier to emphasize those parts of your product or service that address their issues and challenges.

At the same time, your marketing materials need to pass the Vomit Test. 

You don’t want your copy to be so maudlin and whishy washy in its promises that your prospects feel like upchucking.

I’m thinking of copy like:

On a mission to help women in leadership lead their best lives ever and lead with purpose. I’m not your average coach. I’m a force to be reckoned with. My zone of genius is transformation and empowerment, and my ultimate goal is to help my clients unlock their full potential.

The copy would be more compelling if it focused on the problems high-achieving women face. 

Here is how another person on LinkedIn begins her profile focusing on the same audience:

Are you ready to finally get that promotion, land a new client, or ask for a raise? Are you tired of watching your peers achieve all their targets while you work three times harder to only squeeze out half of their results?

Here are a few tips to ensure you’re focused on your audience and that your copy passes the Vomit Test:

  • Understand your clients’ challenges and needs
  • Communicate your product or services to address those needs
  • Use storytelling to illustrate your products or services’ benefits and how they make a difference in your clients’ lives
  • Use social proof such as testimonials and customer reviews to validate your offer.
  • Highlight your value and what makes it different from, and superior to, competitive offers. 

By using these strategies, you’ll connect with your prospects since you’re speaking directly to their needs. They will want to learn more.

What are you doing to engage with prospects? Please share in the comments.

This post appeared in a slightly different format on LinkedIn. Photo by Jack Dylag on Unsplash.

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Wendy Marx

Wendy Marx

Wendy Marx, author, coach and marketing and branding authority is the founder of Thriving at 50 Plus, a coaching program that helps baby boomers find more purpose and meaning in life. Wendy over the last 30 years has helped many business owners and executives become well-known, going from Anonymity to Industry Icon™. Her business articles have appeared in The New York Times, InformationWeek, Inc., Advertising Age, & Fast Company, among other outlets.

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