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Whether you’re striking out on your own, seeking a job, reinventing yourself in a new career or upping your skills, personal branding can be a boon. Yet it’s not clap-your-hands-together easy. But the right tools will make it easier. That’s why I’ve collected a list of the 15 best personal branding tools to ease your journey.

These tools have been designed by experts to enhance your personal branding — career strategy needs from keeping track of your online reputation, creating content to showcase your personal brand, and even organizing your work load.

Please note that this list isn’t in any order of importance. These are the tools that will help in in your personal branding strategy and ordered according to function.

The Top 15 Personal Branding – Career Strategy Tools You Need ⚒️ ⚙️ 🧰

Personal Branding 🤦‍♀️ and Reputation Tools

1. Brand Yourself


This tool tells you about your online reputation — the good, the bad, the ugly — and helps you to clean it up and improve it. Begin by getting an online reputation score. This helps you to gauge how you’re doing. You’ll then be able to clean up anything that could harm your score and obtain a customized action plan to improve it.

2. Google Alerts


Google Alerts are an old, simple-to-use standby to keep you plugged in to anything that pops up online that could impact your personal brand. Get alerted when anyone mentions keywords important to you, such as your name or niche. You’ll instantly know what is being said — both positive and negative — and can react immediately when necessary.

3. NameChk


A crucial element of your brand is its name. And you want to be able use your brand name without restriction. But how do you know? Namechk makes it easy to verify that your brand’s name is available and on which platforms you can use it. Simply type in the name you want and you will see website addresses and social media networks where you can use it.

Personal Branding Content Sharing 📤Tools

4. LinkedIn

Free, with the option to upgrade to Premium, which starts at $29.99/month.

Admittedly, I’ve talked about LinkedIn a lot for branding and career reinvention, but it bears repeating. LinkedIn is a powerhouse for your personal branding – career strategy goals. Not only does it give you the tools to write and optimize your bio and career story, but it also gives you all the regular sharing and engagement tools you expect in a social network. As an added bonus, its publishing platform and groups give you additional ways to engage with your connections and develop your brand.

5. Medium

Free, with the option to upgrade for $5/month.

Medium is a social publishing platform with a readership of around 170 million, acting as a kind of middleman for those who write content and those who are eager to read it. Once you sign up for an account, you will be able to create and share content, follow others on the platform, and engage with your readers. Medium even comes with its own analytics so you can see how your content is performing and tweak as needed.

6. Loom

Free, with the option to upgrade for $8/month.

Loom is a video sharing and messaging app. With this tool, you record your computer’s screen, your voice, or your face and can nstantly share it. It’s particularly helpful when you need to explain something complicated to your team or troubleshoot a technical problem with a client. It’s also useful to create a client proposal. There’s no limit to how you can use this versatile tool.

Personal Branding Content Creation 🎨 Tools

7. Evernote

Free, with options to upgrade starting at $7.99/month.

Evernote is not just another writing or notetaking app. Sure, you can use it to write articles and blogs. But its other features also allow you to store all your ideas and access them from anywhere, create to-do lists, attach document and spreadsheet files, take and attach photos, create a library of articles by topic and more. It’s the perfect solution for your growing personal brand.



This tool takes care of almost every aspect of your brand’s digital fingerprint, including content, website, email newsletters, and social media. Create your own website, with the ability to curate fresh content daily or craft and showcase your own original content. Customize your own newsletter and fine-tune its delivery to your subscribers with several options. Manage your social media accounts, including scheduling, automating, and promoting your content. All of this from one tool:.

9. Canva

Free, with option to upgrade to pro for $12.99/month.

In today’s digital world, you can’t get anywhere without top-quality visual graphics. And Canva gives you everything you need to create stunning visuals for your website, social media, and print publications. Even with the free version, you get all the social media and print templates you need, hundreds of thousands of stock images and elements, and complete freedom to design exactly how you want. And if you want to make the investment, the pro version opens up even more options.

10. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Free with a premium version starting at $9/month.

Want an awesome headline that gets clicks? Then you need to use Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer. Punch in your headline and sit back while it tallies a headline score based on its unique algorithm, which factors in words, emotion, headline length, and more. Then according to your score, you can alter your headline or move ahead with confidence. It will also give you an SEO score to help you win with search engines like Google.

11. InShot

Free. (Note it’s for Mac users.)

Social media videos are becoming increasingly important. This app makes it super easy to create social media videos with overlaid text, music, and voiceover that will wow your audience. You’ll even be able to add special effects, adjust speed, and make it into a meme.

12. WiseStamp

Free. With an option to upgrade for $5.80/month.

Every email you send out gives you an opportunity to brand yourself — particularly in your email signature. But how can you get a professional, beautiful email signature? WiseStamp is a great solution. Enter the information you want in your email signature, including a logo or photo, and WiseStamp will generate a beautiful signature. It will even upload it directly to your email account for you .

13. LogoCrisp


Every brand needs a logo, but not everybody can pay the big bucks for a design agency. That’s where LogoCrisp comes in. Simply type in the name of your brand, choose a style among 100,000 styles that fits your brand’s image, customize, and voila — you can download and immediately start using your logo!

Personal Branding Organization 🗓 Tools

14. Trello

Free, with options to upgrade starting at $12.50/month.

Managing and marketing your own personal brand is a lot of work and it requires a good deal of organization. Trello lets you organize your important tasks and reminders in one place. It’s visually designed into columns and cards reminiscent of the way you would use post-it notes, but with the ability to assign individual team members to particular tasks, create deadlines, leave comments, upload attachments, and a lot more. You will be completely on top of your branding strategy with this tool.

15. Asana

Free, with options to upgrade starting at $10.99/month for each user.

Asana is another great tool to manage your team and various projects. Simply create a project and organize that project into various tasks and subtasks, with the ability to assign team members to each task, set deadlines, and monitor the status of various tasks. You can even set rules to automate some tasks within Asana and streamline your workload. Plus, Asana easily integrates with Salesforce, Zoom, and many other apps you use every day.

I hope this list of tools helps you to move ahead with your personal brand and succeed in your career journey. Have you found other tools that have been helpful? Please let me know in the comments below.

Photo by Aleks Dorohovich on Unsplash

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