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2020 in Review: Our Most Popular Posts of the Year

2020 in Review: Our Most Popular Posts of the Year

Who else is so ready for 2020 to be over? Before saying good riddance, I would like to take a moment and feature the highlights of this year’s posts, including a handful of our most popular ones.

Looking back on the last year, I noticed that we covered a lot of topics, including personal branding, career reinvention, and social media. Let’s look at our top posts in each of these categories — see what we’ve learned and gained over the past year. Perhaps you’ll even discover something new!

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Our Most Popular Posts of 2020

Personal Branding

15 Personal Branding Experts You Need to Check Out

In this post, we collected the 15 biggest names in personal branding — from career reinvention to using social media to amplify your personal brand, these experts have you covered. Check them out and tap into their vast knowledge and expertise.

How to Succeed with Personal Branding on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a veritable powerhouse for personal branding. Learn how to use strategies like SEO, calls to action, and participation in various groups to step up your LinkedIn strategy and get the most benefit for your personal brand.

How to Brand Yourself During a Pandemic

COVID-19 has flipped a lot of things upside down — but that doesn’t mean that your branding efforts should grind to a halt. Learn how to create a successful personal brand, even during a pandemic.

How to Brand Yourself in 30 Seconds

What is an elevator pitch and how can you use it to brand yourself? In this post, I show you how to successfully brand yourself in 30 seconds or less, crafting the best elevator pitch to capture the attention of any audience.

Rebranding & Career Reinvention

How to Get a New Perspective on Landing a Job After 50

Finding a new job can be stressful at any time in life, but it can be especially daunting after 50. You’ll learn how to conquer the challenges and approach your job search with new vigor in this post.

How to Pivot to a New Industry at 50+

Are you over 50 and looking to move into a new industry? I created this post to help, with 4 keys to transition into a new one. Remember that industries operate under different motivations and one key is understanding those motivations.

How to Reinvent Yourself During a Crisis

This past year has been a crisis unto itself, but crises of some sort hit each of our lives. The key is how you manage them. In this post, you will learn about an amazing woman who has reinvented herself time and again, overcoming several crises only to emerge stronger. Check out her incredible story.

Social Media

Personal Branding: How to Grow Your Social Media Audience

Social media is an integral part of your personal branding strategy. Learn why it’s so important and what tactics to use to grow your audience across your social media platforms.

How to Succeed in Personal Branding on Social Media

Besides growing your audience, consider other vital ways that social media will boost your personal brand. In this post, I feature 12 ways to use social media to shine a spotlight on your brand and put you on the social media map.

How to Boost Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn During a Pandemic

The pandemic left people wondering how to promote their personal brand, especially with responsible social distancing. Well, LinkedIn provided the answer. Learn what tools to use on LinkedIn to grow your personal brand and network, all while keeping safe through the pandemic.

What did you think of our most popular posts of 2020? We hope that this helped you review some important information and even discover new points you can use in your personal brand, reinvention, or social media strategies. Here’s to a more thriving 2021!

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Wendy Marx

Wendy Marx

Wendy Marx, author, coach and marketing and branding authority is the founder of Thriving at 50 Plus, a coaching program that helps baby boomers find more purpose and meaning in life. Wendy over the last 30 years has helped many business owners and executives become well-known, going from Anonymity to Industry Icon™. Her business articles have appeared in The New York Times, InformationWeek, Inc., Advertising Age, & Fast Company, among other outlets.

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