The Secret of Successful Marketers

Successful small business marketers know that they need to begin with the customer. Launching into what they do before listening to the customer is a dead end. It gets you nowhere. Marketing is all about tapping into your customers’ emotions.

Marketing Differentiation: How to Stand Out as a Small Business

marketing differentiation

Competition is a natural part of doing business. But it’s not always easy. The trick to a good small business marketing plan is to find ways to set yourself apart from the competition. But how do you do that, especially as a small business with competitors that may be decidedly bigger than you? Marketing differentiation […]

Want an Awesome Online Presence? Here’s How to Do It

creating your own online presence or digital footprint

When talking about an online presence, think about what you do when you’re looking for a product or service. Once upon a time, you would have checked your local store to see what was on hand. You might have asked others for recommendations. Nowadays, though, this process has completely changed. Today you hop on your […]

How to Market for Small Business with Great Results

how to market for small business

Being a small business can be scary. How do you put yourself out there and start acquiring clients? All of this can seem daunting. But marketing will help. Let’s look at why marketing is so important, and how to market for small business. But first, let’s learn more about marketing, what it is, and what […]

How to Craft the Best Cold Email as a Small Business

best cold email

Cold email has definitely gotten a bad wrap over the years — with many people associating it with spam. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, cold email is a valuable strategy that attracts people to your brand. In this article, we’re going to break down why cold emailing is a valuable […]

How to Write the Best Bio for Professional Success

best bio for professional success

As small business owners, your social media profiles and website about you page are essential ways to put your best foot forward. But how do you know what to write to truly have the best bio possible? I have some pointers that I think will help. But first… The Importance of Having a Truly Great […]

LinkedIn Recommendations: The Absolute Best Way to Ask

LinkedIn recommendations

You’re ready — you’ve set up your LinkedIn profile to shine, with work history, skills, cover photos, and everything else! But there may be a crucial piece you’re missing: Do you have LinkedIn recommendations on your profile? If not, then it’s time to ask for them. Learn why recommendations are important to your LinkedIn personal […]

Brand Storytelling: 4 Simple Ways to Tell a Better Story

brand storytelling

We’ve been telling stories since the beginning of time. Whether to entertain, emphasize a point or convey a lesson, stories are universal.  And eventually, brands discovered the art of brand storytelling — an important tactic to draw in and connect with customers. Storytelling is a marketing tactic we all need to use — and we’re […]